is a 2-dimensional online game played over web browsers and mobile platforms. The aim of the game is to eat the bait and the cells of other players around. The game is available on Android, PC and iOS. At the top right of the game there are 10 players with the highest score.

It will continue where you left when you are connected to Facebook and Google Play. You can also choose from four different game modes or Turkey, South and North America, Europe, Russia, East Asia, such as China and Oceania servers. Various skins available in

If you want costumize this skins and use your imagination.For build your special skins you need install Chrome Web browser Agar io Mods Evergreen script extention. Keep the extension active, then go to and upload it to imgur you want it to appear in .Than copy the link of your skin after slash ( / ).

After you get skin link paste it into the agar io nick box. If you success your skin will be apair in game. If you do not want to use a special skin you can use agario stock skins. With you can use the server on our website to experience the best gaming experience and have a great time.

How To Start Agar IO Skins
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