Our brand new game chain, which brings the game world of adventure around 50 years to a different dimension, has entered our life. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), similarities and draw attention to a new trend of dozens of different games. I think we are talking about .io games that become a big craze and can be played through any browser.

These games, which are based on being able to survive the last time by bringing together thousands of online game players with thousands of basic aims, are real time-wise monsters. Have you ever experienced dozens of different .io games that could reach millions of online games with great taste? Have you heard such games as Agar.io, Slither.io, Battle.io and Surviv.io before? If you are still unaware of these games, please continue to write and test these excellent games now and leave other boring games on the side. Are you ready to be the best player on the planet?

What is .io Games? How to play?

These games are based on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and are based on Agar.io which is the first game that can be played through Browser. Sometimes it will be a snake like Slither.io and try to dominate other snakes around it, sometimes bringing down the earth with worms like it was in Wormaate.io, sometimes playing the cells of other players like Agar.io you will try to eat and sometimes you will try to be the king’s playing player of the virtual world with Monopoly.io. But in all you will have to develop the best strategies to be the best.

Since 2015, .io games have become a part of our gaming life. We say success because indeed these games are actively played by millions of online gaming enthusiasts every day. Place and time do not matter in the vote. You can go straight to the game with any browser or a private browser and you can start an adventure game with other players.

In order to play .io games, you can write the name of the game directly. The system instantly takes you to the game and will ask you for your name. It is up to you not to enter. But you can use it to show your friends that you are the best of the game and to register it. At the end of the game you can be the best on the planet and you can be rewarded in various virtual groups. For an enjoyable adventure, start experimenting with these games immediately and make your time the most fun!

Slither.io and Agar.io

In fact, almost all io games are based on these two games. You must be the most powerful in these games, which are designed to kill the reeds and other reeds in your hand or to manage your snake in the best possible way. With Agar.io you have to grow your wheel and with Slither.io you have to be the most powerful snake on the planet.

Surviv.io and Zombs Royale

Sometimes you have to fight against zombies to be the strongest character on the planet. All of these extraordinary games are based on Surviv.io and Zombs Royal.

Pockey.io and Monopoly.io

You can play these two games to play a browser-based playing game instead of a battle or strategy game. All other games are based on these games.

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