IO game adventure continues with the high speed. If you are tired of PC games known on the market, you can start playing io games that are much more enjoyable and fun. You will have quite enjoyable moments and you will play with real people in your io games. You can compete to be the best player on the planet in this game where you can login with a browser whenever you want. You will need a strong strategy for this and at least some patience.

Play Game is one of the latest games of io games. Developed by Yang, founder of in April 2018, this game is a 2D battle and shooter game. You will need to add the strongest weapons around as soon as possible to your ammo. Playing the game is pretty simple. You can move using W, A, S, D direction keys and at the same time you can collect items with E button. is a PUBG-style game based on the Fortune game played by Unreal Engine on PC games. The in-game graphics are really great and you are sure to play with great pleasure. In order to play the game you will have to login via the browser.

You can try a special server for game updates, friend mode and other hacks. On this page you can start big fights with your friends in a common area. Collect your weapons and destroy your enemies. Blow up the arsenals and be the survivors.

Play Game
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