Raaaaft.io or shorter RAFT.io is one of the most enjoyable and remarkable io games. Is it enough for you to survive just to have a sand box in a water-filled world? Of course you will also find bait to feed around. If you say that my breathing is enough, you can start playing the perfect game. You are not the only one on the planet. At the same time you can start playing on the map you choose with your other friends. Surviving is not as simple as you think. Are you ready to try?

All About RAFT.io

Based on Deep.io, Raft.io was launched into the market in 2018. To stay on the ballot you will need to hydrate and feed on time and enough. It is impossible to get to this huge area where there is a small amount of soil.

So you will have to be the strongest planet and get rid of your other enemies to get rid of it. The game is quite simple and can be played with the arrow keys. You can use the mouse to attack or move and test the left button.

Try F to collect items. And also move the mouse to change the zoom level. To play the game you have to move fast and collect everything. When you want to swim, sharks will be waiting for you. That’s why there is no cure other than winning.

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